We need you! The country is facing a critical healthcare workforce shortage. Long-term services and supports (LTSS) employers nationwide need immediate assistance filling roles to support people remaining safe and healthy. Be part of the solution, create an account, find jobs, and receive access to training and resources for LTSS employers at Direct Care Careers. 

If you are an employer of supports and services for people who are older or living with a disability, create an account here. Assign trainings to your staff and stay connected to a pool of candidates and workers looking to develop and connect to positions and roles. 

What is Direct Care Careers?

Direct Care Careers is a free, national website that provides individuals (1) access to jobs with potential employers, (2) access to resources to develop their skills, and (3) access to trainings to increase competence. The job matching tool uses a matching algorithm to pair licensed and/or trained workers with healthcare and LTSS employers that need their specific skills. This website was created by ADvancing States and Altarum, in partnership with participating States/Territories.

Care attendant talking to patient.

States and Territories have the ability to manage which employers are included on the website and other aspects participation in Direct Care Careers. If you are a state or territory, and interested in participating in Direct Care Careers, please complete the following interest form here http://www.advancingstates.org/advancing-states-information-sign. 

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The Direct Care Careers Center Colorado offers a comprehensive platform for direct care workers to access tailored training, valuable resources, and effective job matching services aligned with their unique skills and passions.


It is possible to live at home longer with home and community-based services and support for older adults and individuals with physical disabilities. Care is provided by direct support professionals what ND calls qualified service providers (QSPs).


The Texas Health and Human Services Commission, through the Direct Care Careers platform, is providing opportunities for community attendants to connect with Home and Community-Based Service providers who are hiring. Community attendants (also known as direct service workers, personal care assistants, and home health aides) account for approximately 3,470,700 jobs nationwide and 320,780 in the state of Texas. Community attendants play an important role in providing care for older adults and people with disabilities enabling them to complete daily tasks and activities within their homes and community.